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U. S. Citizens for Better Government,



Disband the CIA,



War Crimes Group,



Impeach or Recall California Governor Brown, and,



U. S. News.



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Want to know who killed John F. Kennedy?




We request that everyone watch several of the excellent new documentary movies, now featured on Youtube.com. They are titled:



Please, be prepared to enter the titles, below, into the YOUTUBE search engine window, if necessary.



JFK Story and Cover-up



Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of JFK.




We are also experiencing many new types of social and environmental problems, as a result of this lack of justice, concerning the JFK Assassination, which could have been a Coup 'de Tate, in 1963, by our members of our nation's secret police, including the CIA and FBI.




Please, see Get the Crooks Responsible, (in Washington D. C.)




Therefore, as a direct consequential result of this lack of social justice, we are declaring a Constitutional Emergency, and suggesting that we patriotic Americans work together, to Drain the Swamp in Washington D. C., and the end of the rule of the New World Order, (or the members of the rich, white racist group, similar to a rich people's KKK, who Assassinated John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King).




Please see:




An Open Letter to the Honorable Members of the 115th U. S. Congress,






An Open Letter to the Honorable Members of the California State Legislature






Congress Takes Action






The California Recall of Governor Brown




Our Plan to Take Down Brown in 2017-2018!




The Del Norte County Recall of Governor Edmund "Jerry" Brown: 2017




Recall Brown 2017!





New Organization for Recall Brown 2017!







You are invited to join our new social media groups, on FACEBOOK, at:


U. S. Citizens for Better Government,



Disband the CIA,



War Crimes Group,



Impeach or Recall California Governor Brown, and,



U. S. News.



If you need help with any of these Social Media features, please use: An Online Event.




Help us bring about the immediate Impeachment of President Donald Trump.




For more information, please see: Washington Spy Scandal:Drain the Swamp! along with Benghazi Spy Scandal, and Congress Takes Action!





Please, see our latest webpages for 2017, including Our Plans: 2016 - 2017, and our feature webpages from 2016, and earlier, about A Constitutional Emergency, Limiting the Power of the Presidency, the Balanced Budget Amendment, Election-Rigging, Genocide and War Crimes:






Genocide in the USA,



Stopping Genocide in the USA,



George W. Bush Convicted of War Crimes,



U. S. District Court Rules that CIA Doctors and other Officials are also culpable for War Crimes.





Please, check out Black Lives Matter, for the latest information about this critically important issue.






We are attempting to gather information, and file a lawsuit against the CIA, and other federal agencies and officials, for murdering over 24 million people within the USA, from 2000-2016. Please, see Join Our Complaint to the United Nations.





And, in California, we are looking for a new Governor. Please, see our 2017 Campaign to Recall Governor Brown.




Click here, to go to our latest Executive Update.




The Balanced Budget Amendment is designed to bring about peacetime spending by our government. It provides our Congress with the power to limit pay-off the national debt, develop a new set of, long-term peace treaties with other members of the United Nations, and limits the power of the Presidency, while bring about closure on 9/11. Please see Balanced Budget Amendment and More Power for Congress, along with Twenty Newly Proposed Amendments to the U. S. Constitution.





Please see: Sniper Kills Five in Dallas





We Ask For an International War Crimes Trial for George W. Bush and Barack Obama in Connection with the Deaths of 10-12 Million Americans, Whose Death Records Have Been Falsified by the CIA and the New World Order





The CIA is also charged with war crimes.






Down with Brown: We Begin the Recall of California Governor Brown






Now Recruiting Patriots and Activists!




Within Our Website:



A Group of Newly Proposed Amendments to the Constitution, including the Truth and Justice Amendment, and an Amendment Designed to Disband the CIA




Vote for Bernie Sanders




Warning to Expect Election-Rigging in 2016 Elections




Warning to Veterans and Senior Citizens




Federal Government Accountability




California State Recall Movement




New Idea for Stopping Global Warming and Climate Change




New "Go Smokeless" Cancer Prevention




New Update: 11/20/2016:





Down with Brown!




Announcing our new, U. S. News Network, along with our Plans and Projects for 2016:




U. S. News and Events / Global News and Events



We Declare A Constitutional Emergency



Hosting a Series of Constitutional Conventions



The Environmental Web Network



The Interactive Educational Programming Network, IEDTV



How to Improve Your Intelligence



Help Stop Global Warming






A Constitutional Emergency and a Call for a Grass-Roots Convention to Discuss Adding Twenty New Amendments to the U. S. Constitution





Operation American Spring





Our Plans for 2016!



National Plans


State Plans








Other States





Our idea for Newly Proposed Constitutional Rights, and a series of Constitutional Conventions, held across the United States, 2016-2024, should interest hundreds of millions of people with a wide range of political viewpoints.






We Warn Veterans and Senior Citizens!




Expect Election Rigging in 2016 by CIA and other Federal Agents





(Continuing projects, 2010 - 2024):






Presenting a Group of Newly Proposed Amendments to the United States Constitution, that will Solve the Problems Caused by 9/11 and the Great American Coup, planned and managed by the New World Order, the CIA, and Five Infamous CIA Think-Tanks:




Following-Up on Investigating the Federal Government About 9/11 | Appoint a Federal Prosecutor and Demand a Review of the 9/11 Commission Report | Truth and Justice Regarding 9/11 | Call for a Full Congressional Investigation





Federal Government Accountability Concerning the Conspiracy Surrounding 9/11


Following-Up on Investigating the Federal Government About 9/11 | Appoint a Federal Prosecutor and Demand a Review of the 9/11 Commission Report | Truth and Justice Regarding 9/11 | Call for a Full Congressional Investigation | Investigate Bush and Cheney | Investigate and Prosecute Hillary Clinton | Gang of Eight |




Government Accountability in California


California Recall Movement | New Recall Movement | Recall Governor Brown | Recall Update: 2014 |




A New Idea for Stopping Global Warming and Climate Change


Stopping Global Warming | California State Environmental Voter Initiative | Benefits of Enacting Proposed State Voter Initiative | Benfits of Deep Green Reform | Establishing Effective Environmental Protections | Preventing Wildfires and Drought | Continuing into 2016





A New Method of Grass-Roots Common Discussion


A Series of Constitutional Conventions




New Ideas for Constitutional Amendments




These twenty, newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, are listed, below:




#1. Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Marijuana




#2. Freedom from Oppression by Government Activities




#3. Freedom from Racism




#4. Native American Citizenship




#5. Judicial and Prison Reform




#6. Expanded Voting Rights: Direct Democracy: Improved County Voting and Educational Facilities: Voting for Federal Judges, Ambassadors, More




#7. Election Reform




#8. Women's Rights




#9. Land Reform




#10. Truth and Justice about the CIA's Involvement in 9/11/2001: Requirement for Appointment of Special Prosecutor and Full Congressional Investigation




#11. Overpopulation and Immigration




#12. Freedom from Obsolete Laws




#13. Gun Law Limits




#14. Economic and Tax Reform, Made Possible by the United States Congress, and its Investigations




#15. Constitutional Amendment Creating United Nations Environmental Management Center.




#16. Disband the CIA by Constitutional Amendment




#17. Requirement for Equal Campaign Funding, Ballot and Election Material Recognition for all Candidates and Proposed Election Measures, by Creation of Broadcast Production Facility for Government Use




#18. Balanced Budget Amendment




#19. Empowerment and Expansion of Role of United Nations: Elected Representatives




#20. Amendment Prohibiting Genocide





A Panacea Cancer Cure. Marijuana Curing Cancer and Treating Many Other Medical Disorders. Newly Proposed Federal Amendment to Legalize Marijuana.






Effective January 1, 2016, Jimmy Smith and friends proudly announce the Earth's First Organic Cancer Cure!



Just grind up some good, 1st Class Bud, and then cap it up using empty food capsules available at most Whole Earth Groceries, and other similar grocery stores.



Then, take the medicine four times a day, using 1/4 gram of ground bud, per capsule.



This is great for almost everything that ails you, from cancer to clinical depression!



And, for those who just want to relax, get high and listen to the music, you can go smokeless!



For more information, please see Panacea Cancer Cure, below. I actually recommend using the blond, or cream colored "pollen", taken from the marijuana plant, which is a very rare commodity.



Only legal in Oregon and other states

with medical marijuana provisions,

making it legal to "Go Smokeless!"




Issues Carried Over from Earlier (2010 - 2015):




Please, explore the following links, to learn more about the United States Independent Party Network:



A New Political Party


About Us


A Proposed Series of Constitutional Conventions




We also maintain a website at:



Californians for Better Government






And, we are part of a larger website network, composed of the following websites:



The Environmental Web Network



Improving Your Intelligence Using Cognitive Science



The Interactive Educational Website Network


The existing 911 Report clearly requires a follow-up investigation, by our United States Congress, at some point in the future.



If you have been reading from another webpage in this series, you may wish to click here, to go to the main content of this webpage. (Skip our Executive Updates along with our regular navigational features and summaries.)





| | | | Executive Update: 9/23/2016 | | | |





Rock the Vote for the 2016 State and Federal Elections, in November!




Join Our Complaint in which we allege that the CIA and the George Bush Seven is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.




Help us Recall California Governor Edmund "Jerry" Brown.




Now Hiring, Training and Recruiting, including a new organization with plans to Host a series of Conventions designed to introduce our Twenty New Ideas for development into Amendments to the United States Constitution.





We live in a really incredible time period - - the new millineum - - and because of this we find ourselves surrounded by wonderful new gadgets, like:




Cell Phones



Android Tablets



Windows Tablets



Smart T. V.s



Low Cost Computers




And, there are automobiles made by robots, as well as a huge variety of labor saving devices. The machines made by human beings are beginning to make our lives less laborous, and more enjoyable!




As a consequence, we are both blessed and cursed by technology, and the rapid innovations of our scientific communities, along with their corporations and consumer products. Thereforeus, the danger of poisonings and cancer are increasing to epidemic proportions, as a result of untested inventions, like cell phones, along with untested chemical products, marketed before proper research could be done, to prevent long-term negative health effects.




The CIA, NSA and a National System of Police Surveillance




We allege that the CIA and other national security agencies, designed and implemented a national surveillance network, beginning in the later part of the Twentieth Century.




As a consequence, by 2016 the CIA, along with other national security agencies, gained the power and capability to spy on U. S. citizens in their homes, and at times, kill them without fear of prosecution.




They can watch us and manipulate our lives, over both the short-term and the long-term, creating a tremendous effect, on us, and enabling them to control us, manage us, and if they believe it is necessary, kill us using covert operations.




This nationwide surveillance system was then combined with a nationwide system that could be used to rig our U. S. Presidential Elections, in the year 2000, at the request and/or orders of the George Bush Seven, (George W. H. Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Deutch and John George Tenet), who then planned a treasonous campaign designed to place George W. Bush in the Oval Office of the White House, conduct a "false-flag" attack against our own country during 9/11/2001, and then carry-out a ruthless, cruel and unethical campaign of oppression and genocide, (2001-Present), designed to "radically restructure" our American Society, and our economic composition.





As a direct consequence, over 24 million people are dead, and hundreds of millions more have been seriously injured, within the United States.




The oppressive and genocidal covert operations planned by the George Bush Seven, with the help of five infamous CIA Think-Tanks, and implemented by the CIA, were designed to make women and people of color their unwitting victims.




Over 24 million U. S. residents and citizens have died, as a consequential result of these covert operations. Many of them were buried with falsified death records.




CIA Agents who are well-trained in covert operations pose as medical doctors, coroners, medical technicians, anasthesiologists, nurses, and other medical specialists.




And, since millions of these covert operations were carried out on men and women who were confined in prisons, (which included these hi-tech surveillance systems), it was easy for these millions of federal agents to manipulate people, as well as their health, over the short-term, as well as the long-term.




These covert operations target our prison systems, as well as our welfare systems.




They are designed to accomplish the racist, classist, and sexist goals established by the George Bush Seven and the CIA, in order to plan and strategically manage their oppressive and genocidal covert operations.




We predict there is a 100% certainty that these alleged traitors will attempt to rig the state and national elections, in November of 2016.




For these reasons, we are asking for your participation in the following activities:




1. We are now organizing, hiring, training, and recruiting interns, multimedia directors, civil rights attorneys, environmental attorneys, political attorneys, and political campaign managers, for our campaign to recall California Governor Edmund "Jerry" Brown, in 2017.




2. We are also recruiting and training Partners, Assistants and Multimedia Directors, for our New Online Event, designed to produce multimedia, as well as to plan and host a series of hundreds of Constitutional Conventions, to be held across the U. S., from 2016-2036.




3. We are also recruiting Partners and Complaintants in a Class Action Civil Rights Lawsuit, to be filed in the federal courts, as well as the United Nations, in 2017.




4. We are also working to increase our nation's public awareness Supporters and concerning the War Crimes Trials, and Trials for Crimes Against Humanity that was filed with the United Nations and the War Crimes Tribunal of Kuola Lumpur, beginning with the conviction of the George W. Bush Six, in absentia, in 2013.This case has been moving forward, and in March of 2016, it was joined by a U. S. District Court decision that CIA Doctors and other agents could be held accountable for torture, as well as other crimes against humanity.






All interested people should e-mail us at: patriotsandactivists@gmail.com. Please include your name, contact information and which position you are applying for. Thanks.




We also recomend that you explore the following links at www.facebook.com:




20 Newly Proposed Amendments to the U. S. Constitution






Legalize Marijuana at the federal level, by Constitutional Amendment



Legalize Marijuana by Constitutional Amendment



Down with Brown!






War Crimes Trial for George W. Bush and Members of the New World Order





Disband the CIA by Constitutional Amendment








| | | | Please see our newest webpages for more information: | | | | A Constitutional Emergency | | Balanced Budget Amendment | | More Power for Congress | | Appoint a Federal Investigator | | Follow-up On the 9/11 Congressional Investigation | | War Crimes Against George W. Bush and other members of his Administration | | War Crimes Charges Against CIA | | More War Crimes Charges | | Support Ted Yoho's Resolution for a Special Investigation of High Crimes for Entire Obama Administration | | Twelve Politicans Who Should Be Charged with High-Crimes and Treason| | Letter for the 114th United States Congress | | Letter Requesting the Impeachment of Key Members of the Barack Obama Administration | | A Series of Proposed Constitutional Conventions | | Twenty Newly Proposed Constitutional Amendments | | Follow-Up On 9/11 | | Our Plan:2016, | | Announcing An Online Convention About Constitutional Issues | | and | | Patriots and Activists | | for the latest information.








A Panacea Cancer Cure




Jimmy Smith was cured of cancer using marijuana, in 2012-2013. And, after conducting extensive research, he has determined that marijuana is extremely valuable as a medicine.




In fact, Medical Marijuana, when ingested internally, is a panacea cancer cure, which usually results in a remarkable healing process that often melts away skin cancer in less than 60 days.




And, a Harvard University Medical Study found that larger, internal tumors are often reduced in size by 50%, in just a few months!




Of course, Smith recommends refining the marijuana into medicine by utilizing the cream colored pollen, collected from the plant, usually during the harvest season.




Then, he recommends using caplets available from most grocery stores, and capping the pollen into 1/4 gram doses per cap.




Care must be taken to prevent contamination from disease, bacteria and other harmful contaminants, at all times during the preparation of this medicine.




You can then adminster the medicine, orally, 3 or 4 times daily, by taking a capsule of medicinal marijuana, and feel better knowing that you are taking a powerful medicine that prevents cancer and or heals those who already have tumors and/or skin cancer.




Therefore, now there is something you can do to, to save yourself or your loved ones!




Of course, this will involve moving to one of the states that already has liberal medical marijuana laws, including California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Washington D. C., and several other states, which have newly legalized marijuana laws, especially those with provisions for medical marijuana.




Please, check out all twenty newly proposed Constitutional Amendments, along with our Number One Issue - - Legalizing Marijuana!




#1. Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Marijuana




Together, we can legalize marijuana at the federal level by Constitutional Amendment!




And, whether you are young or old, if you are dedicated, responsible and intelligent, (and perhaps even enlightened) - - and you love your country - - but you want to change it, we encourage you to serve your country in our time of great need, - - by running for public office.




With your help, we can change the world!




Therefore, participating in this new government - - which is forming in 2016 - - is extremely important.




We encourage everyone to vote, and run for public office! The 2016 Elections will probably be definitive as to who wins control of the cummultive governments of the United States, including our federal, state and local governments.And, these new governments will decide how to serve, rule and tax our citizens, far into the future.





Additionally, several of the leading investigative reporters, film-makers and news journalists, along with noted and respected F. B. I. officials have been murdered, or have died under mysterious circumstances. For this reason, we encourage all patriotic Americans to rally to our Country's Defense. For more information, please see A Corrupt Oligarchy and What You Can Do About It.Therefore, the protests concerning the election of George W. Bush, the Global War on Terror and the pre-emptive or false-flag attacks involved in the 9/11 Conspiracy have been temporaily blocked.




And, a powerful, well-funded investigation by the United States Congress into the 9/11 Conspiracy, is badly needed, as well as investigation into possible election fraud by the G. O. P., and George W. Bush, without which Mr. Bush would probably never have become President, in both 2000 and 2004, (along with the role of JEB Bush, which could have involved criminal acts, covered-up by his office as Governor of Florida.)




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