An Open Letter to Members of the 115th United States Congress




Written by the Executive Director: 1/03/2017







Greetings Honorable Representatives, and Members of the 115th Congress,





I represent a large group of over 100 million United States citizens:




Millions of us are Senior Citizens,




Millions of us are veterans of the United States Armed Forces, or their family members,




Millions more of us are Christians, and believe we serve a Living God.




Almost all of us are voting citizens, who care about our environment, as well as the multi-cultural societies in which we live,




And perhaps 70 million of us smoke marijuana.





I am writing you today because of a Constitutional Emergency, brought about by corruption within our government, and the failure of some of our nation's leaders to follow the U.S. Constitution, since the election-rigging in the year 2000, which placed George W. Bush in the White House.






This has led to a Constitutional Emergency, as sixteen years of lies have culminated with the failure of the Barack Obama Administration.






The CIA, which is answerable only to the President of the United States, has recently been found guilty of War Crimes, Torture and Crimes Against Humanity, by a federal court in March of 2016.






Six top members of the George W. Bush Administration were first convicted of war crimes by an International Tribunal, in 2013. This Presidential Administration is also guilty of implementing racist and classist policies intended to exploit, oppress and imprison millions of Americans, as well as creating or implementing a National Surveillance System that can secretly observe us and plot against us, on a day to day basis.





The CIA has used this National Surveillance System to rig elections, and even murder people when they become subjected to its covert operations, since covert operations became legal in the United States, about 2002.






The Past Directors of the CIA have deliberately lied to past members of the United States Congress, when directly questioned about the CIA's role in 9/11, as well as to unexplained deaths due to covert operations within the United States, as well as overseas.






Four of our past Presidents have been involved, along with the CIA, and other government agents, including:


George W. H. Bush





William Clinton




George W. Bush






Barack Obama.




And, as a result, over twenty-four million Americans have been killed, and hundreds of milllions more have been injured, within the USA in the last twenty years, as a direct result of oppresive and genocidal activities, by government agents, along with the deliberate implementation of racist and classist plans and policies developed by George W. Bush and the top government officials of his Presidential Administration, which have been implemented into every government department and agency, between 2000-2016.






Barack Obama and the Gang of Eight have also turned our nation into a security conscious police state, because of these unfair racist and classist policies, as well as their choice of implementing rule by the secret police, including the CIA, DEA, NSA, FBI and Homeland Security Agencies. And, as a direct, consequential result of these deliberately racist and genocidal policies, our nation has experienced four months of racial unrest, following several incidents of police shootings, involving Black men as the victims of these extra-judicial police shootings. For more information, please see Black Lives Matter.






Our government's leaders have a serious problem with election-rigging, as well as with telling the truth, and for this reason, it is necessary to prevent the downward spiral in ethics that has been coming from the White House and descending through our entire government.





Over a hundred million citizens agree with me, that this evil coup, which took place by members of a secret society including George W. H. Bush, and his two sons, George W. Bush and Jeb Bush, along with two of his top aides from when he was President, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, and the Director and Deputy Director of the CIA at the time all of this was planned, from 1996-2000, John Duetch and John George Tenet - - must be stopped - - and we must make vast changes in our government, to prevent further injury, exploitation and oppression, to the voting citizens and other people within the United States of America.






It is well-known that George W. Bush, his father and other key members of the George W. Bush Administration, along with the CIA, utilized a group of five think-tanks, to plan their evil and racist coup and help them achieve their racist, sexist and genocidal goals over the following fifteen years, which included implementing a security conscious police state, to allow them to rule in the United States, while making war on the Arab nations in the Mid East and Asia, in order to gain control of the Earth's oil reserves, 2002-2016.






As a direct consequential result, scores of millions of people with the United States have been killed, and hundreds of millions more, have been injured, exploited and oppressed. Millions of our citizens are in prisons within the United States as a direct result of this injustice and criminal conspiracy within the highest echelons of our government.






And, it appears that George W. Bush and his top officials were genocidal, racist, sexist and classist, in addition to being co-conspirators in an effort to commit treason, mass-murder, espionage, fraud, embezzlement and election fraud.






New evidence indicates that George W. Bush and other top officials of his Administration are also guilty of crimes against humanity, and genocide, because they have deliberately targeted millions of women of color, and violated their reproductive rights, - - and, these unfair top government administrators and officials have also begun implementing additional genocidal policies that often result in the deaths of unwanted children of color, by using the police and taking babies, children and teens from their parents. These children often die in poorly funded government homes, within a few years, because of these unfair government policies, implemented by the Bush and Obama Administrations.






Therefore, our group of concerned citizens is requesting that the Honorable Members of the 115th United States Congress assist with the following investigations and special committees:






The election rigging of the year 2000, along with 9/11 and the subsequent deception of Congress, into passage of the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act should be further investigated.





Follow-up on the Congressional Investigation of 9/11 by Appointing a Special Prosecutor and Expanding the Investigation to Determine the Extent of Federal Involvement in the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks






Balance the Budget and Limit the Power of the Presidency, by Enacting, or Creating a group of Special Congressional Committees, and Expanding the Department of Justice, as explained in our webpage, More Power for Congress.





Enact Voting Reform and Expand Our Voting Rights, while Modernizing Our State and Federal Governments







Join Us, as we schedule and host a series of Constitutional Conventions, to be held in major cities across the United States, from 2017-2036, at which we plan to introduce our Twenty New IdeaS for Development into Amendments to the U.S.C.





And, Join Our Complaint to the federal courts and the U. N., alleging violations of Constitutional Rights, including torture and crimes against humanity.


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